The Climate Recap

Russia uses emissions counting to claim territory

October 25, 2022 Beckisphere Climate Corner
The Climate Recap
Russia uses emissions counting to claim territory
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Amount of ocean heat found to be accelerating and fueling extreme weather events | The Guardian
Increasing Hurricane Intensification Rate Near the US Atlantic Coast | Geophysical Research Letters
Clean Energy, Electric Cars Are Hitting Tipping Points for Global Mass Adoption | Bloomberg
Solar powers India towards its 175GW renewables target for 2022 | Energy Monitor
Australia and Singapore strike agreement to achieve net-zero | AP News
‘Rewiring the nation’: Albanese and Andrews governments to jointly fund renewable energy zones | The Guardian
Helsinki Utility Finds a Surprising Heat Source: Icy Seawater | Bloomberg
The Netherlands to leave embattled Energy Charter Treaty | Politico
Why environmentalists went after Canada’s biggest bank for greenwashing | CBC
US Plans First Sale of Offshore Wind Rights Off California | Bloomberg
Ruling could result in trials against oil majors over Louisiana wetlands damage | Nola
NJ sues oil, gas firms, trade group over climate change | AP News
New England’s pioneering power experiment | Grist
Truss faces major rebellion on fracking as senior Tories pledge to defy whip | The Guardian
Rishi Sunak: What are the climate credentials of the UK’s next prime minister | Edie
At war, Russia aims to claim Ukraine’s land – and its carbon emissions | The Washington Post
Everybody’s Business: The net zero blind spot | Net Zero Tracker
BlackRock tells UK ‘no’ to halting investment in coal, oil and gas | Reuters
HSBC Put on Notice for Greenwashing Because of Investments | AdWeek
Up in Smoke: California’s Greenhouse Gas Reductions Could Be Wiped Out By 2020 Wildfires | Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago

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