The Climate Recap

Arkansas grows its EV charging network

October 17, 2022 Beckisphere Climate Corner
The Climate Recap
Arkansas grows its EV charging network
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Chad climate disaster leaves record 2.1 mil people hungry | Reuters:
Alaska cancels snow crab season for first time after population crash | The Washington Post
The 2022 Living Planet Index Is Out. Here’s How to Understand It. | The NYTimes
Give up the gas: switching to electric appliances could save Australians up to $1,900 a year, report says | The Guardian
Biden's security strategy goes big on climate | Axios
China needs $17 tril in investments to meet climate goals, World Bank says | Reuters
China's LNG needs and the geopolitics in tow | Axios
US Air Force releases climate change plan | NBC News
Arkansas opens EV charging station rebate program early to meet high demand | Arkansas Advocate
Volkswagen: The scandal explained | BBC
City Council permanently bans large, new fossil fuel developments | City of Vancouver
$3.6 mil for indigenous land stewardship | Grist
Amid historic drought, California approves $140 mil desalination plant | Reuters
Louisiana carbon capture project draws criticism from environmental advocates | LA Illuminator
Egypt silenced climate experts’ voices before hosting COP27, HRW says | The Guardian
Banks Try Quiet Quitting Net-Zero as Fortune Favors Fossil Fuels | Bloomberg
UK firms using legal muscle to facilitate human rights and climate abuses - report | The Guardian
US law protecting endangered species hampered by poor resources, study says  | The Guardian
Oil Industry Moves to Overturn Historic California Drilling Protection Law | Inside Climate News

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