The Climate Recap

New Zealand plans to tax cow farts

October 12, 2022 Beckisphere Climate Corner
The Climate Recap
New Zealand plans to tax cow farts
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Kenya lifts ban on genetically modified crops in response to drought | Reuters
Sydney records wettest year since 1858 as Australia braces for more floods | Reuters
Scotland ‘snow-free’ for fourth time in six years | BBC
Snow loss is fueling the West’s megadrought | Grist
Southern California faces new water restrictions next year | Los Angeles Times
Drought-stricken Coalinga, CA may soon run out of water | The Washington Post
28 dead as Julia drenches Central America with rainfall | AP News
Investment Requirements of a Low-Carbon World: Energy Supply Investment Ratios | Bloomberg NEF
Debt costs overshadow climate finance in small island states - report | Reuters
World aviation agrees ‘aspirational’ net zero plan | BBC News
European Airlines Misleading Fliers With Carbon-Neutral Claims, Research Finds | Yale E360
World Bank to launch new trust fund for emissions reduction grants | Reuters
IMF’s New Climate Tool Allows Rwanda to Access $310 Mil | Bloomberg
New Zealand farmers may pay for greenhouse gas emissions under world’s first plan | The Guardian
European Commission aims to end secret system protecting fossil fuel holdings | The Guardian
Greek renewables fully cover power demand for first time on record | Reuters
Solar energy from Egypt to power European homes through new undersea cable | The Independent
As US cobalt mine, crucial to making electric vehicles, opens in Idaho | NPR
Ugandan police arrest anti-pipeline protesters outside EU Embassy | Climate Change News
Locals in the dark about oil auctions in DRC: report | Mongabay
US shift on child labor may scramble EV sector | E&E News

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