The Climate Recap

New York joins California in gas car ban

October 04, 2022 Beckisphere Climate Corner
The Climate Recap
New York joins California in gas car ban
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More Americans are moving into hurricanes’ path as climate change risks mount | The Washington Post
Florida’s death toll tops 100 as the search for survivors continues | CNN
Methane Might Be a Bigger Climate Problem Than Thought, Study Finds | The NYTimes
Huge gas flaring emissions never reported | BBC News
Mining Bitcoin Climate Impact Similar to Beef, Crude Production | Bloomberg
In Pivotal Climate Case, UN Panel Says Australia Violated Islanders’ Human Rights | Inside Climate News
NY Implements 2035 All-EV Plan After California Clears the Way | Bloomberg
How Many EV-Charging Stations Are There in New York City? | Bloomberg
LA restricts water flow to wasteful celebrity mansions: ‘No matter how rich, we’ll treat you the same’ | The Guardian
Fed Announces Plan to Assess Climate Risks to Banks | The NYTimes
EU won’t back climate danger fund talks at COP27, says draft | Politico
Germany promotes insurance-based Global Shield for climate victims | Climate Change News
Emissions declaration by equity firm Carlyle under question | AP News
Mexico is world’s deadliest spot for environmental activists | AP News
New EWG analysis: Of $7.4 bil spent on two of the USDA’s biggest conservation programs in recent years, very little went to ‘climate-smart’ agriculture | Environmental Working Group
Pivotal Supreme Court term begins with WOTUS war | E&E News

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