The Climate Recap

Putin gets his first climate lawsuit

September 20, 2022 Beckisphere Climate Corner
The Climate Recap
Putin gets his first climate lawsuit
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Japan storm: Nine million people told to evacuate as super typhoon Nanmadol hits | BBC News
Three storms with climate as a common thread | Axios
Methane emissions from reservoirs are increasing | WSU Insider
S&P Reveals Fallout From Climate Change on Asset Values | Bloomberg
Solar Panels Floating in Space Could One Day Power Your Home | Bloomberg
First climate lawsuit against Russian government launched over emissions | The Guardian
Tracking the oil industry's methane exposure | Axios
Thanks to Manchin, IRA’s Methane Fee on Big Oil Is Riddled With Massive Holes | DeSmog
Democrats Designed the Climate Law to Be a Game Changer. Here’s How. | The NYTimes
Biden plans floating platforms to expand offshore wind power | AP News
California’s dead will have a new burial option: Human composting | LA Times
Drought-Wracked California Allows Oil Companies to Use High-Quality Water. But Regulators’ Error-Strewn Records Make Accurate Accounting Nearly Impossible | Inside Climate News

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SCOTUS made a new cheat code to cut (climate) regulations | Beckisphere Climate Corner:
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