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Vietnam arrests a top environmentalist

June 20, 2022 Beckisphere Climate Corner
The Climate Recap
Vietnam arrests a top environmentalist
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China hit by rare convergence of rainfall, heatwaves, tornado | Reuters
41 dead, millions stranded as floods hit Bangladesh, India | The Strait Times
Spain, France to see historic June heatwave though weekend | The Washington Post
Wildfires ravage woods in Spain’s Catalonia as heat-wave bites | Reuters
US Sees a Wave of Heat-Related Warnings Ahead of Summer’s Start | The NYTimes
Thousands of cattle in Kansas killed by heat wave, humidity | The Washington Post
Water supply in Montana’s biggest city imperiled by Yellowstone floods | The Guardian
Extreme weather is making mining waste a major problem | Grist
Europe Heat Wave Lifts Demand for Energy as Solar Power Floods Grids | Bloomberg
Greens say vacate 3,500 drilling permits in new climate change lawsuit | Reuters
Energy Dept grants incentivize construction of buildings that pull CO2 from air | CBS News
House passes bill to end restriction on higher-ethanol fuels amid spiraling gas prices | The Hill
Bonn talks end in acrimony over compensation | BBC
She Spoke Out Against Vietnam’s Plans for Coal. Then She Was Arrested. | The NYTimes
FEMA flood program could violate civil rights law | Politico
In An Unusual Step, a Top Medical Journal Weighs in on Climate Change | Inside Climate News

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