The Climate Recap

Exxon loses appeals and must now face court

May 26, 2022 Beckisphere Climate Corner
The Climate Recap
Exxon loses appeals and must now face court
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Thawing Permafrost in Sweden Releases Less Methane Than Feared, Study Finds | Yale E360
The Field Report: Food Companies Are Not Counting All of Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions | Civil Eats
NOAA predicts as many as 6 major Atlantic hurricanes in 2022 | Axios
Do not work for ‘climate wreckers’, UN head tells graduates | The Guardian
Global carbon pricing schemes raised $84 bil in 2021, World Bank says | Reuters
Gujarat to launch India’s first carbon trading market among large polluters | Hindustan Times
Island states back Vanuatu’s quest for climate justice at the UN | Climate Change News
‘Go after the money’: Goldman environmental prize winner honored for urging banks to divest from coal | The Guardian
Climate group sues Dutch airline KLM over ‘greenwashing’ adverts | The Guardian
Three arrested after climate protesters take over Shell shareholder meeting | Belfast Telegraph
Exxon must go to trial over alleged climate crimes, court rules | The Guardian
Glencore to pay $1.1B to settle U.S. probes | Axios
New weight behind heavy industry climate push | Axios
US Navy climate plan aims to cut emissions, move to low carbon fuels | Reuters
NPS Students Explore Potential Cost Efficiency of Battery-Powered Warships | Naval Postgraduate School
UK finance ‘faces £340 bil in losses’ without action on climate change | The Guardian
A feud over fossil fuel money | The New York Times

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