The Climate Recap

Is the US Dust Bowl back?

May 17, 2022 Beckisphere Climate Corner
The Climate Recap
Is the US Dust Bowl back?
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Ukraine war: Global wheat prices jump after India export ban | BBC News
Texans told to conserve energy as six power plants go offline amid heatwave | The Independent
New Mexico governor seeks more US aid for wildfire response | AP News
Dust storm, hurricane-force winds tear destructive path across US upper Midwest | Reuters
Where homes will face the most wildfire risk in the next 30 years | Axios
Climate change made extreme rains in 2022 South Africa floods twice as likely | Carbon Brief
Australian authorities to buy out fisheries, citing climate crisis | The Guardian
Deutsche Bank not financing controversial African oil pipeline, source says | Reuters
New York passed tough new environmental justice law | Grist
Biden administration announces more than $250 mil in new grants to redevelop contaminated sites across America | CNN
Natural gas to be classed as ‘green’ investment to boost North Sea | Daily Telegraph
As California Considers Dropping Fossil Fuels from Major Pension Funds, New Report Calls Out ‘Misinformation’ on Costs | DeSmog
Seventeen states sue EPA for letting California set vehicle standards | The Hil
Australian election 2022: What the manifestos say on energy and climate change | Carbon Brief: 

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